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Some people consider that pursuing higher education abroad is definitely better than doing it in their countries of origin. And they have some reason … In fact, going to university abroad can boost your career and expand your job opportunities, even within your own nation. However, in the case of Law, the situation is very different; since the laws are different in each place. Below, we present the most important aspects that you must take into account if you want to be a lawyer and receive an international degree:


Course duration

In the United States, Lawyers are professionals who have completed Doctorates, whose specific name of the academic program is Juris Doctor; and it is only available for graduates. However, in many other countries, law studies belong to the undergraduate level; and any young man with a bachelor’s degree in his hand can enroll in the School of Law. Once the course is finished, it is possible to take the BAR exam to obtain the equivalence in a given nation.


Legal systems

Every law student should know that there are only two legal systems in the world: common law and civil law. The system of common laws is used in the United Kingdom and its colonies, as well as in Australia, India, Pakistan, and the United States, among other countries; while there are nations governed by the system of civil laws. Naturally, the universities of each country teach within their classrooms the type of local government system.


Ability to work internationally

Some law students are not aware that studying law in the United States will not enable them to practice the profession in other parts of the world. For example, countries like India only allow their native citizens to be Lawyers. However, most nations authorize those who have an LLB (Legum Baccalaureus), a title awarded in almost all the renowned universities of the planet. Unfortunately, graduates of American law schools receive only JD degrees (Juris Doctor), which are not recognized internationally. Similarly, foreign professionals who hold an LLB degree can not offer their legal services in this North American country.


Different study materials

A large number of foreign lawyers have discovered that passing the BAR exam in another country is more difficult than doing it in the United States. While the best North American law schools graduate thousands of qualified professionals each year, it seems that the study programs of institutions specializing in law abroad are more demanding than their American counterparts.


Other important information you should know about studying law in the United States

A person from a country where English is not the official language must pass the TOEFL test (Test of English as a Foreign Language: Test of English as a Foreign Language) to be admitted to a Law School or university. Also, you must have a letter of admission from the educational institution of your choice to apply for the student visa.



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