Compensation for accidents at work

accidents at work

Workers’ compensation laws protect the rights of employees and employers when a worker is injured on the job. These laws:

  • They ensure that employees who are injured or disabled at work receive fixed payments.
  • They provide benefits to dependents of workers who died due to accidents or work-related illnesses.
  • They limit the amount an employee can claim from their employer after an accident.

Employees from the private sector and from the state and local government

If you have an accident at work while employed by private companies or state and local government agencies, you should contact the state workers ‘compensation program to verify your eligibility, obtain assistance, and apply to receive workers’ compensation benefits. }

Federal employees, freight workers, port workers, and coal miners

If you are a federal employee, freight worker, port worker or coal miner, contact the corresponding Workers Compensation Programs Office (OWCP). OWCP representatives can help you with your claim.}

Workers’ compensation appeals}

Each state has different regulations for the appeal process. If you received a denial of benefits and wish to file an appeal, contact your state workers’ compensation office (in English) for assistance.}

You can also contact a licensed attorney

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